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Community Safety

Christian County

As the Christian County Sheriff for the past 13 years and with over 43 years of law enforcement experience throughout the State of Illinois, I can assure you that Christian County is a very safe community and an excellent place to operate a business. Federal, State, County and City Law Enforcement Officials work closely together to ensure that Christian County continues to remain a county with a very low crime rate and a very safe place to live, raise a family and advance a business.


The Taylorville Police Department is dedicated to diligently reducing crime and ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens. The collaborative efforts between our department and the Christian County Economic Development Corporation have reinforced the idea that working together as a cohesive team will undoubtedly make our city even better.


We are encouraged by the economic progress and advancement we’ve seen in the City of Pana, and throughout Christian County over the past few years.  A vital component affecting this progress has been the ability to improve and sustain public safety.    We are working diligently every day to reduce crime, hold criminals accountable, and provide better services to those in need.  These proactive services have improved the quality of life for our citizens, and also has had a positive impact on the economic development in our cities.